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Communication by Meme

Lately I’ve been noticing a trend in the way people communicate, at least in the way they communicate online. The only way I can describe it is “communication by meme”. The more time people spend online and the more their online activity becomes a part of their lives, the more they build up shared context, […]

The Fifth Vertex Is Available!!

As of yesterday afternoon, The Fifth Vertex was available in the Amazon Kindle store for purchase. It is also available in the Kindle lending library and is available as one of the titles in the “Kindle Unlimited” program. Seeing my book in the Kindle store is an amazing feeling, but I also realize that this […]

Pushing the Big Red Button (Publish)

I sit here at my desk, an edited manuscript taking up most of its free space. I look at my Kindle bookshelf and marvel at it. All of the details are there, the “back of the book” blurb is there, I’ve chosen categories and keywords. The cover art is magnificent, the maps are inspired and […]

Maps from the Fifth Vertex

When I open a fantasy book, the first thing I do is skim through the front matter to look for a map. I have always loved maps, the older the better. A map even features prominently in The Fifth Vertex as a crucial part of the plot. Maps give us an incredibly fast way of […]

Home Stretch Editing Phase

This week is the first of two weeks of what I’m calling my “unemploycation”, two weeks during which I am not working as I switch from my previous job to my new one. I can discuss the changes in jobs in another blog post if anyone cares, but this post is about editing: I have […]