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Musings on Interactive Fiction

Interactive Fiction is nothing new. In fact, it has been around for a lot longer than people think. My earliest childhood memories of Interactive Fiction involve reading the Choose Your Own Adventure book series (I’m stoked that you can get these for your iPhone!). When most people think of Interactive Fiction these days, they’re thinking […]

Writing on my iPad

I know writers who prefer to sit at an ornate old desk with a topographical landscape of nicks, cuts, stains, and worn-away lacquer. They sit at these desks filled with character and they use a pencil, to write. Sometimes they might use pen but their labor is 100% analog and they love it. I am […]

Mourning the Loss of Identity

I didn’t want to work in a cubicle building stuffy, boring computer software all day long…I wanted-needed- to build, create, let my mind free and imagine worlds and people and events that stimulated my imagination.

Essential Tools for Writers – EverNote

Have you ever been out on a trip and seen the most inspiring view you can imagine and thought, “That’s it, this is the place where the toothpasters and the flossers will have the final conflict in my book!” ? Have you ever been in the middle of the line at the grocery store and […]