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Crafting a Search Scene

After finishing a chapter this afternoon I paced around the house, deep in thought. It wasn’t writer’s block (since we know that’s a myth), I just needed to find some way to write a scene where my characters searched for something without boring the reader to tears. Picture this situation – you have a couple […]

Fear, Fear, and more Fear

Fear. I’ve written a lot of blog posts about writer’s block and rejection and many of the other things that plague most writers, including fear. This past week I’ve been absolutely crippled by fear and I am writing this blog post in hopes that writing it will force me to follow my own advice and […]

Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting advewbs

So. Adverbs. I don’t know what to say about them other than that I hate them. Every ecosystem needs the bottom-feeders, the worms that excrete waste that nourishes the soil that grows the grass that feeds the deer that feed the wolves … and so on. Adverbs are the bottom-feeders. There are a great many […]

Three Days Earlier…

We’ve all seen this, especially if we’ve been watching television lately. The show opens, we get hit in the face with some high-impact, high-drama scene and then, after just a couple minutes of this, right at the height of the intensity, the scene goes black and we see white-on-black text declaring, “Three days earlier…” This […]

Forced March Day 3 – 500 Words

In my third day of forcing myself to write, last night I managed to struggle through 500 words. I counted every single one and watched the word counter like some kind of freedom countdown clock. As soon as I finished the sentence containing my 500th word, I closed the laptop lid in disgust. I don’t […]