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Quickest Rejection Ever

Yesterday another rejection came in the mail, by far the fastest rejection I have ever received.Recently I blogged about a new science fiction short story and how I had mailed it off to the Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy. As with most rejections, there was no indication as to why it was rejected. I […]

Submission Day and the Editing Process

Today I submitted a short story to an anthology for publication. I have submitted to this publisher before and been rejected several times before, some of these rejections resulting in posts on this blog. After each of these rejections I was able to take a few steps back and look at the work I submitted […]

Fear Conquering

This weekend I did quite a bit of fear conquering and that got me to thinking that an awful lot of the things I do to avoid writing are fear-based. I have a nearly-paralyzing fear of heights that starts as soon as I stand on a footstool and this weekend I got up on a […]

To Quit Or Not To Quit (writing) – That Is The Question

Those of you who have read some of my previous blog posts (assuming anybody reads this blog anymore) know that I’ve addressed the issue of rejection before. My feelings on rejection have stayed fundamentally the same: rejection is part of the game. If you plan on being a writer, you need to plan on getting […]

How NOT to write a short story

Certainly there are thousands of other pieces of advice that writers can give about making better short stories, but avoiding the pitfalls in this post helped me write some of my best short stories ever.