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Maps from the Fifth Vertex

When I open a fantasy book, the first thing I do is skim through the front matter to look for a map. I have always loved maps, the older the better. A map even features prominently in The Fifth Vertex as a crucial part of the plot. Maps give us an incredibly fast way of […]

The First Book of the Dead

Most historical accounts seem to agree that in 48 B.C., the Library of Alexandria was destroyed. Many of these accounts claim that it was the result of a fire accidentally set on the docks by Caesar’s ships, which were in the harbor at the time. Other historians claim that the fire never happened and the […]

Submission Day and the Editing Process

Today I submitted a short story to an anthology for publication. I have submitted to this publisher before and been rejected several times before, some of these rejections resulting in posts on this blog. After each of these rejections I was able to take a few steps back and look at the work I submitted […]

To Quit Or Not To Quit (writing) – That Is The Question

Those of you who have read some of my previous blog posts (assuming anybody reads this blog anymore) know that I’ve addressed the issue of rejection before. My feelings on rejection have stayed fundamentally the same: rejection is part of the game. If you plan on being a writer, you need to plan on getting […]

A Writer’s New Years Resolutions

This time of year we fill ourselves with empty promises (we call them “resolutions”) to do more, be better, and achieve everything we’ve always wanted to achieve. The trick here isn’t to avoid resolutions all together, the trick is to treat them as goals and make them achievable.