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Forced March Day 4 – 520 Words

Last night was another night where I didn’t want to write. I went through the usual list of avoidances and delayed the inevitable. We went to the movies (MIB 3) and that put at least 3 hours between me and the need to open the laptop and continue writing. The actual writing wasn’t so bad, […]

Forced March Day 3 – 500 Words

In my third day of forcing myself to write, last night I managed to struggle through 500 words. I counted every single one and watched the word counter like some kind of freedom countdown clock. As soon as I finished the sentence containing my 500th word, I closed the laptop lid in disgust. I don’t […]

Forced March Day 2 – 1500 Words

Today was the second day of my mandatory writing exercise. I’ve been telling myself that it was writer’s block to blame for my six week abstention from writing and that someday, when the inspiration hit me, I would open up my laptop and words coated with fairy dust and slathered in awesome sauce would spew […]

The perfect is the enemy of the good

Voltaire has a very famous quote, “The perfect is the enemy of the good” … I can remember this quote and pull myself out of the pit of self-loathing. I can repeat that quote over and over again until I finally decide that it is more important to allow the story to escape my soul unhindered than it is to ensure that it is edited, pristine, and perfect upon release.