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Three Days Earlier…

We’ve all seen this, especially if we’ve been watching television lately. The show opens, we get hit in the face with some high-impact, high-drama scene and then, after just a couple minutes of this, right at the height of the intensity, the scene goes black and we see white-on-black text declaring, “Three days earlier…” This […]

People have real flaws so why don’t characters?

What all of this means is that readers will put the book down if they don’t identify with, sympathize with, or want to be like, characters in the book. If the reader has no emotional investment in any of the people in the book, then they don’t give a crap about what happens to your protagonist. They won’t want to see the antagonist get his (or hers) in the end. They won’t care whether the love interest blossoms into a relationship. They simply won’t care – no matter how good the plot is. You can have a fantastic plot driven by flat, unbelievable, caricatures (not characters).