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It’s a small, wonderful world after all

Today I had a wonderful experience and it came at the most opportune time. Lately I have been wracked with doubt – I wonder if anyone will ever read any of the books I’ve written or if the rejection letters are right. Should I give up? Should I stop trying? Why should I bother writing […]

Writers Write

Do you remember when you were a kid and your parents gave you that lecture? You know the one, where they tell you that your current flight of fancy, be it the guitar or stand-up comedy or dancing, isn’t going to pay the bills and you should suck it up, get an education, and prepare […]

A terrible, sleepless, epiphanous, wonderful night

I tossed, I turned, I rolled and scrunched and tucked and squirmed, utterly unable to attain that restful state where you know that sleep, though elusive, is inevitable. I clawed at the frayed, gnawed filmstrips of my dreams, hoping that something would catch and I would be able to grab hold, dive into the dream, […]

Just Do It

One thing that writers must do is write. Thinking, plotting, scheming, dreaming – all useful but mean nothing without actually sitting down and writing.