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Test-Driven Curriculum vs. Practical Application

I realize this isn’t exactly a topic for writers or about writing, but it is one that I felt like I needed to comment on. Many of the two or three of you who still read this blog probably have children, some of whom may have already taken standardized tests, might be prepping for the […]

I took a Chinese test … voluntarily

Yesterday I took the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) Chinese Proficiency Test, level 2. Just about everyone I have talked to about this asks me, “Why?” Usually, people have a lot more to say, like “Why the hell would you do that?” “Why Chinese?” “Studying for a test? You’re not in school anymore!” There are a […]

Lessons Learned From Another Rejection

The other day I got an e-mail rejection back from a publisher who was doing an anthology of stories all centered around a common theme. I’d submitted my story a while ago and recently received an e-mail saying that my story had made the short list. So how did I go from the short list […]

Learning the Chords

We can’t create a page turner without knowledge of plot and structure. We can’t make readers cry without knowledge of characters and character bonding. We can’t make readers so immersed by our fictional world that they ignore the pot of boiling water and the pets with full bladders begging to be let out unless we have a mastery of plot, structure, characters, description, setting, dialogue, and every other tool in the box.