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Test-Driven Curriculum vs. Practical Application

I realize this isn’t exactly a topic for writers or about writing, but it is one that I felt like I needed to comment on. Many of the two or three of you who still read this blog probably have children, some of whom may have already taken standardized tests, might be prepping for the […]

Cultural Acceptance of Poor Language Skills and Bad Translation

Lately I have been finding a lot of Heavy Metal music from China. It’s hard to find, but there are a couple of places on eBay that are probably making a good living from selling niche music to overseas buyers. I know I pay in shipping nearly what the digital version of these things would […]

More Thoughts on the HSK 2 Chinese Proficiency Test

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I took the HSK 2 Chinese Proficiency Test yesterday. What I didn’t mention in the previous blog post was the amount of effort I put into this things. I started learning Chinese on a casual basis by taking some VoIP classes a couple of times per week. […]

I took a Chinese test … voluntarily

Yesterday I took the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) Chinese Proficiency Test, level 2. Just about everyone I have talked to about this asks me, “Why?” Usually, people have a lot more to say, like “Why the hell would you do that?” “Why Chinese?” “Studying for a test? You’re not in school anymore!” There are a […]