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Home Stretch Editing Phase

This week is the first of two weeks of what I’m calling my “unemploycation”, two weeks during which I am not working as I switch from my previous job to my new one. I can discuss the changes in jobs in another blog post if anyone cares, but this post is about editing: I have […]

Backspace Agent-Author Seminar – November 2011

Last week I attended the Backspace Agent-Author Seminar in New York City. For those of you unfamiliar with this seminar, writers are given a chance to present their query letter and opening pages in front of fellow writers of the same genre and agents looking for work in that genre. By present, you might be […]

A terrible, sleepless, epiphanous, wonderful night

I tossed, I turned, I rolled and scrunched and tucked and squirmed, utterly unable to attain that restful state where you know that sleep, though elusive, is inevitable. I clawed at the frayed, gnawed filmstrips of my dreams, hoping that something would catch and I would be able to grab hold, dive into the dream, […]