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Are Your Characters People or Placeholders?

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The Feels!

The other day one of my readers, upon reaching the end of the book, exclaimed, “The feeellllsss!!!” If you’re not familiar with that particular meme, click here. To summarize, “the feels!” is what someone shouts when they’ve just been emotionally affected (strongly) by something done to them, something someone said, or, in this case, something […]

The Depths and Shallows of Short Fiction

Last night I finished writing a short story that is, without a doubt, the “deepest” story I’ve written. Before I talk about that, I want to talk about some of the “shallow” (and I say this not in a derogatory way) work I’ve done. To date, the only short story that I’ve managed to get […]

How NOT to write a short story

Certainly there are thousands of other pieces of advice that writers can give about making better short stories, but avoiding the pitfalls in this post helped me write some of my best short stories ever.

The Devenomization of the Vampire

Vampires have become weak, angst-ridden, predominantly teenage whiners obsessed with finding true love and forsaking the bloodsucking life of the vampire to use their powers for good and high box office gross.