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Are Your Characters People or Placeholders?

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Introducing People

The other day someone casually mentioned to me that I was introducing my family incorrectly. This struck a chord with me that made me sit back and take a look at how I introduce people in the real world as well as how I introduce people (remember, they’re people, not characters) in my books. Hopefully […]

Do Some Character Shopping

Places like Wal-Mart (as well as thousands of other good places to people-watch) are endless fountains of ideas for characters. So, the next time you’re stuck looking for ideas for new characters or the ones you have lack dimension, then just get in the car and do some character shopping.

3 Illegal Acts That Will Ruin a Scene

Acts against Motivation, Acts against Rules, Acts against Soul – If a character in your scene does any of these things, it will jar the reader out of the book and possibly convince them never to return.