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First Impressions of the Microsoft Surface Pro

A couple of days ago I left my iPad unattended in a public place for a few minutes and that was all it took – it vanished. I felt violated in having it stolen and thinking about all my personal stuff in the hands of a thief and a stranger… and then I started worrying […]

Writing on my iPad

I know writers who prefer to sit at an ornate old desk with a topographical landscape of nicks, cuts, stains, and worn-away lacquer. They sit at these desks filled with character and they use a pencil, to write. Sometimes they might use pen but their labor is 100% analog and they love it. I am […]

My Impressions of the iPad

If you are considering getting an iPad, don’t listen to people who have only used it once or twice… After four weeks, I absolutely, positively cannot live without this device.

Amazon Heads Apple Off at the Pass With Kindle 70% Royalty Deal

This whole business reminds me of the HD-DVD/BluRay format wars. Do I get a Kindle and read only Kindle books? Do I get a Nook and read only Nook books? Do I get an Apple Tablet and read only iTunes eBooks? At some point the house of cards will fall and there will be one winner. Only time will tell if any of this is good for the consumer and how it will change the publishing industry as we know it. As I’ve said before, the bottom line is that if authors and publishers do not embrace change, adapt, and move forward they will be left in the dust.

Are our bookshelves going the way of the CD case and should we worry?

We’re not looking at an extinction here. Everything evolves, including the art of storytelling. Writers can either put themselves on or ahead of this evolutionary change or they can be left behind. There will never cease to be a market for storytelling, the only thing that changes is the medium through which the story is told.