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Amazon Enlists Help from Indie Authors Against Hachette

Last night I received this e-mail from Amazon, addressed to “KDP Author”. The short summary of the e-mail that I have included in its entirety below is that Amazon is embroiled in a battle with Hachette. Those of you who watch the Colbert Report may know about this battle, and about Colbert’s efforts to circumvent […]

The Fifth Vertex Is Available!!

As of yesterday afternoon, The Fifth Vertex was available in the Amazon Kindle store for purchase. It is also available in the Kindle lending library and is available as one of the titles in the “Kindle Unlimited” program. Seeing my book in the Kindle store is an amazing feeling, but I also realize that this […]

The New Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon recently announced its newest Kindle – the Paperwhite. As soon as the announcement was over, and even during the announcement, Twitter and Facebook and every other social network were all talking about it. So, what is the new Paperwhite Kindle?   First and foremost, it’s an upgrade to the Kindle. This alone is enough […]

Setting up Amazon’s Author Central

Today I was flipping through the list of my technical publications on Amazon, trying not to become too nauseous seeing the terrible reviews of some of the books. People just have no idea the kind of effort that goes into writing a technical book. Anyway, that’s all beside the point. The point is I noticed […]

Amazon Heads Apple Off at the Pass With Kindle 70% Royalty Deal

This whole business reminds me of the HD-DVD/BluRay format wars. Do I get a Kindle and read only Kindle books? Do I get a Nook and read only Nook books? Do I get an Apple Tablet and read only iTunes eBooks? At some point the house of cards will fall and there will be one winner. Only time will tell if any of this is good for the consumer and how it will change the publishing industry as we know it. As I’ve said before, the bottom line is that if authors and publishers do not embrace change, adapt, and move forward they will be left in the dust.