It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a Grue


You are likely to be eaten by a Grue

In a recent post, I mentioned my love of text adventures and interactive fiction. Assuming you were one of the four people who have read that blog post, I have the following gift for you. This is a video by MC Frontalot, a “nerdcore” rapper.

See if you can count the number of references to well-known text adventure games. This video is like an ode to Interactive Fiction.

  • Robert Hoover Jr

    I had most of these when i was a kid for my Commodore 128. I have Twisty on my Android and definitely want to see what other games i can play on it.

    *** spoiler alert *** stop reading if you wan to figure all of them on your own.

    I caught a bunch of references and interesting thoughts:
    – it looked like the real Steve Meretzky on the other side of that challenge. How cool is that?
    – I think every piece of early 80’s computer equipment was in his room. Commodore, Apple, Atari, etc…
    – Obviously the title /chorus is a reference to the Zork series, and at one point he is holding the zork 2 or 3 box.
    – Planetfall is hanging on the wall.
    – At one point i think he mentions/references “A mind forever voyaging”
    – He mentions Nord an Bert (couldn’t make heads or tails of it).
    – There’s at least one reference to “Hitchiker’s guide to the Galaxy” (he talks about gettin that babelfish in his ear”.
    – Then I think there was a reference to Infidel (when he’s talking about sand).

    OK I cheated for the rest- looked at the lyrics online after watching the vid:

    – the mop on a dropship is another reference to planetfall or stationfall
    – the other references- i can remember or didnt play them.
    – clues / invisible ink of course is the “invisiclues”
    – piloting six robots- the game is on my tongue- some guy in cryostasis who controls them with his mind…starts with a c…
    – 2 liters- lurking horror.
    – pamphlet in the mailbox- moonmist (or was it wishbringer?) i think?
    – seeking acquittal is a reference to all the murder mysteries- there were three or four.
    – don the gown is maybe for hitchikers guide again?

    tickets, receipts, could be a bunch.

    Anybody have any other specific references they caught?