You have to trust the pie

–Young Agent K, MIB 3

Forced March Day 4 – 520 Words

Last night was another night where I didn’t want to write. I went through the usual list of avoidances and delayed the inevitable. We went to the movies (MIB 3) and that put at least 3 hours between me and the need to open the laptop and continue writing.

The actual writing wasn’t so bad, there were a couple of sentences that I didn’t hate, so that was an improvement over last night. One thing that is new is that over the past few days I have noticed that thoughts about plot points, sentences, and other things related to my novel have been popping into my head.

In Men In Black 3, if Agent K can’t solve a problem, he goes and gets some pie. They are allowed to talk about anything except the current case. Eventually the answer appears.

I think something similar has been happening here. The more I write this short story that I am forced to write, the more I want to get back to my novel and the more I get ideas about changes to what I’ve written so far that will hopefully make the novel better.

This really just furthers my point that writer’s block isn’t real. If you can’t think of anything to write on your current project, write about something else until your brain starts sending you back to your original project … which it will. This always happens to me, whether I am feeling blocked or not.

Anyway, only a couple more days to go where hopefully I will have a draft of a short story to start playing with.

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